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Intelect Legend XT Stim (EMS) or Combination with Ultrasound

Having trouble with your Legend XT?

models 2760, 2763, 2786, 2788 , 2793, 2794, 2795 and 2797
2 or 4 channel muscle stimulator/EMS or combination with ultrasound

Some of the more common problems include...
  • ultrasound
    • 115 (ultrasound applicator is too hot) or overtemp warnings during treatment
    • 210 (error calibrating ultrasound applicator), 211 (error saving calibration data to ultrasound applicator), 212 (ultrasound applicator not calibrated OK error)
    • These errors are most often a problem with the applicator not the machine - before servicing try a different applicator - if that solves the problem the faulty applicator can be repaired, exchanged or replaced.
  • stim
    • errors 100 (overcurrent), 101 (shorted lead wires), 102 (bad contact quality) - most often this is caused by faulty leadwires or electrodes. Before you think about having your unit serviced try new leadwires and electrodes first. If you are using inexpensive disposable electrodes try some from a different batch. These symptoms can also sometimes be caused by broken jacks. You can visually inspect the leadwire jacks to see if they are broken.
  • General
    • LCD screen dim, blocked out by lines or broken
    • Intensity knob stops working or is intermittent
    • Left, right or bottom keypad buttons sticky, intermittent or not working
    • 300,301,302,303,304,305,306,307,308,309,310,311,312,313,314,315,316, 317,318,319 critical board error messages
    • the above all require repair by a DJO trained technician

If you think your unit needs service by a trained technician, please give us a call.

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