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Intelect Legend

DJO/Chattanooga no longer supports or repairs these units
AFI still supports all Intelect Legend units and is fully stocked with every replacement part, component and accessory to fix your Intelect Legend

2 or 4 channel muscle stimulator/EMS, ultrasound only or combination with ultrasound

Some of the more common problems include...
  • ultrasound
    • E04, HHH, unable to read calibration data and one wire device errors are most often a problem with the applicator not the machine - before servicing try a different applicator - if that solves the problem the faulty applicator can be repaired, exchanged or replaced.
  • stim
    • stim board reset error, stim board failure, overcurrent error, and unit freezing at testing stim board message tend to be stim board problems that require repairing or replacing the board by a trained technician.
  • General
    • faulty power supplies can cause erratic behavior - the unit might power on but with no display, beep constantly, or have display issues - if another power supply is available try replacing it before calling for service
    • if some buttons stop working or get stuck but others are OK the overlay probably needs to be replaced - especially if the faulty buttons are the more commonly used ones like intensity up, time up, start or stop - this repair requires service by a trained technician.

If you think your unit needs service by a trained technician, please give us a call.

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