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Gameready GR1

Having trouble with your first generation Gameready?

Here are some simple steps you can take to figure out what is wrong with your unit:
  • UP (under pressure), OP (overpressure) and the pressure sensor alarm indicate a problem with the air press system. Sometimes these problems can be resolved by reconnecting the wrap as follows:
    • First, turn the unit off and disconnect the wrap;
    • Next, turn the unit back on (with no wrap attached);
    • Then, turn the unit off and back on;
    • Finally, connect a wrap and make sure that it is applied tightly.
    • You may need to try this same process with a different wrap if one is available.
    • If this does not resolve the problem the problem is probably with the air press sytem and part or all of it may need to be replaced by a trained technician.
  • LF (low flow) or dry pump
    • You can check the flow yourself by turning the unit on (make sure there is a wrap connected) and turning the temperature control to its coldest setting.
    • Then open the lid of the unit and watch the water flow back into the tank.  It should be coming out in a steady stream, not dribbling out.
    • If it is just dribbling out you will probably get a Low flow error or a dry pump alarm (it might happen quickly or take a few minutes).
    • This could indicate a problem with the fluid pump but the first thing to try is to clean out the filter. To do this, turn off the unit and unplug it.
    • After emptying the water from the tank reach into the bottom and find the filter protruding into the tank.
    • The filter has a metal clasp that needs to be pressed to release it.
    • Once it is out, clean it off in a sink and reattach it to the unit.
    • Make sure it is attached securely before refilling and turning the unit on.
  • Systems Error - Unplug the unit and drain the water and ice.
    • Check the filter in the bottom corner of the unit.
    • If it is not securely attached then reconnect it securely following the steps outlined above.
    • Let the unit sit for 20-30 minutes then refill it with cool water (no ice) and try to run it again.
    • If it runs OK then you should be able to run it as usual.
  • 20/20 Error - This indicates that the unit has failed in testing one of the 5 major components at start up.
    • The problem could be systemic (multiple failed components) to simple (disconnected tube).
    • This error can only be resolved by a trained technician disassembling the unit and testing each component and system in isolation.
  • Unit won't turn on / no power
    • If there are no lights on the unit at all there is a good change that the power supply is not working so try replacing it.
    • If the unit has a light but won't turn on the problem is most likely the control board or the keypad and one or both of them will need to be replaced by a trained technician.
  • For reference, the full gameready GR1 manual can be found here:

If you think your unit needs service by a trained technician, please give us a call.

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