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AFI technicians are New England's experts in traction service

New Chattanooga traction problems could include:

  • touch screen not responding
  • no power
  • patient safety switch problems (errors 101 or 102)
  • faulty load cell or motor control board (commonly errors 200-300, especially 308,309,310)

Older Chattanooga models T-700 and MP-1 problems could include:

  • rope won't retract
  • rope spring replacement
  • unit freezes near end of treatment
  • constant beeping even with patient safety plugged in
  • unit won't pull

Older Chattanooga models TX-1, TXE-1, TX-7 and TXE-7 problems could include:

  • no power
  • compressor mounts fail/tear
  • compressor fails
  • unit has power but compressor doesn't start
  • won't pull or won't release
  • pounds of traction display erratic or wrong
  • only works in one mode static or intermittent
  • stutters or puffs continuously
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