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Rental Program

AFI rents individual pieces of equipment as well as complete "suites" of equipment. While renting equipment from us you are only responsible for the rental fee, initial shipping cost and return shipping. AFI covers all repairs and yearly preventative maintenance costs. In the event the unit needs service we will provide you with a substitute unit while yours is being repaired. We offer therapeutic ultrasounds, electrotherapy units, photo therapy units, laser therapy units, Fluidotherapy machines, hydrocollators, whirlpools, diathermy units and many others. Our rental plans are very flexible in that they allow for interchanging of equipment so that therapists may try different technologies without the commitment of a purchase. Many customers find our low-cost rentals an attractive alternative to purchasing. Call us to get the latest on available inventory and costs. Please indicate your expected rental timeframe because longer rentals will qualify for lower, long-term rates.

What you should return How to return instruments How long repairs will take Loan instruments We offer great rental programs that can meet all your needs. AFI Medical is one of the oldest and most trusted equipment service companies in the New England area. We are the preferred repair specialists for many manufacturers and have earned the trust of thousands of customers.